Welcome to IBEX Hub

IBEXHub is an API service that allows you to easily integrate Bitcoin and Lightning Network functionalities into your applications.

With IBEXHub, create and pay lightning invoices at the speed of light.
Manage an unlimited amount of IBEXHub accounts for your custom applications.
IBEXHub lets you associate unlimited On-Chain addresses to each of your accounts. You can also make On-Chain payments to legacy or Segwit addresses.
IBEXHub supports LNURL: the protocol that aims to improve user experience through withdrawal QRs, static invoice QR and lightning addresses(email like addresses)!

With all of this functionalities, you can get notified when asynchronous tasks are done with our web hooks.


We have a team of dedicated engineers managing a cluster of nodes and lightning liquidity for you. Managing nodes, channels and liquidity is vital for lightning based applications. Most of the time it can be time consuming. By using IBEXHub, these responsibilities are simply taken care of.

Our nodes are well connected with more than enough inbound and outbound liquidity, which is crucial for various types of applications. For example, merchants looking to accept Bitcoin for their businesses or companies looking to integrate a lightning wallet into a custom application.

Businesses using IBEXHub

Osmo Wallet: osmowallet.com


Contact: [email protected] for customer support.