Pay Invoice specifying a mSat amount

Pay invoice.



Due to the nature of the lightning network, payments can in rare cases take some time to be settled.
For this reason, this endpoint will return you in most cases a transaction with the status IN_FLIGHT.

To check if you invoice has been paid imediately or is in flight, you can check the value of the field settledDateUtc, if the value is 0, the invoice is IN_FLIGHT.



A best practice is to set a WebHookUrl and WebhookSecret when you create an Invoice.
This will allow us to notify you when the payment has been settled or failed.

A POST call will be made to the webhookUrl when the payment change to SETTLED or FAILED .
The webhook will have the following body:


  "webhookSecret": string,
  "transaction": {
    "id": string,
    "createdAt": string,
    "accountId": string,
    "amount": int,
    "networkFee": int,
    "exchangeRateCurrencySats": int,
    "currencyID": int,
    "transactionTypeId": int,
    "payment": {
      "bolt11": string,
      "hash": string,
      "preImage": string,
      "memo": string,
      "amountMsat": int,
      "feeMsat": int,
      "paidMsat": int,
      "creationDateUtc": string,
      "settleDateUtc": string,
      "statusId": int,
      "failureId": int,
      "failureReason": {
        "id": int,
        "name": string,
        "description": string
      "status": {
        "id": int,
        "name": string,
        "description": string
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