Create Splits

Creates or adds additional splits for the account

Payment Splits automatically triggers a payment to the preconfigured destination whenever funds are received on the account.


  1. There is 0 fee when splitting to an IBEXHub account
  2. Splits to an Lightning Address will only execute when it is at least 1 sat
  3. Splits to an Onchain Address will only execute when it is at least 5500 sats
  4. Fees are deducted from the final split amount
    amtToSplit = (amtSrc * percentSplit) - fees

An example request body:

    "percent": 1,
    "destination": "bc1qdfjs54pgl8eedjkvnpxalqekxzuft9phzzhe99" // onchain address
    "percent": 10,
    "destination": "[email protected]" // lightning address
    "percent": 15,
    "destination": "d76f8fc3-cc15-4ba6-b12e-b2704f257704" // hub account UUID


Cycles are not allowed

A split to the parent IBEXHub Account or any ancestors is not allowed


Onchain Address is not a valid split destination for IBEXHub fiat accounts

Splitting to an onchain address is not available for fiat accounts at the moment

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