The Lightning Network (LN)


Everything is an invoice

In the lightning network, every payment is processed through an invoice.
The Bolt11 field in the most important.
Using the Bolt11 of an invoice you will be able to send and receive bitcoin in the Lightning Network.

Receive Bitcoin


Get Paid

If you want to receive funds, you need to create an invoice (see: add-invoice ).

After creating the invoice, you will need to show the Bolt11 of the invoice as a qr code to the person who wants to pay it, or send the Bolt11 to the payer.

Send Bitcoin


Pay invoices

If you want to send funds, you need to get the Bolt11 of an invoice.
Usually you can get it on lightning wallets using "Receive" and "Copy Invoice".
Or using IBEX Hub (add-invoice ).

Once you have the Bolt11, you can estimate the fees (estimate-fees), and pay the invoice (pay-invoice).

Documentation on the Lightning Network